Confidence for Thailand slide Focus on understanding the NCC.

Bangkok, March 12 – “Somchai” hopes that Bangkok helps for Thailand slide, believes fair-minded senators elect the prime minister, and emphasizes “Srettha” to fight candidates from all parties. Refusing to respond that being good at business doesn’t mean being good at economics. focus on understanding people


Mr. Somchai Wongsawat, former prime minister, along with Mrs. Puangpetch Chunlae, Chairman of the Coordinating Committee on Bangkok Area Politics, Mr. Warawut Yancharoen, Member of the Coordinating Committee on Bangkok Area Politics, Mr. Wichan Meenchainan, President of Bangkok Region, Mr. Jirayu Huang Sap, senator of Bangkok, opened the Pheu Thai Party Coordination Center in Bang Kapi District of Mrs. Pongsakorn. Rattana Ruangwattana candidate

Mr. Somchai said that in the Bangkok area There will be many political parties competing and hoping to compete for more space. But still confident that the Pheu Thai Party will land a slide because the party assesses the potential of the candidate and the aspirations of the party that intend to work will make people confident and welcomed the Pheu Thai Party to work Therefore, it is estimated that now throughout the country, the Pheu Thai Party will land slides. From the original poll that will get 250 MPs now if the Bangkok area land slide too


However, I am not worried about the voice of the senators, whether since it does not mean that they will oppose or fight with the senators, but believe that the senators will see the work of the past government. not successful and the country is not as developed as it should be therefore believes that senators will have a fair heart Regardless of where it came from, I believe that senators love Thailand, so they think that if people see that the Pheu Thai Party has the ability to come and help with the work, He was confident in the discretion of the senator, the more he thought that he didn’t have to sit and fear each other. And think that if the party gets enough votes, the more likely it is to form a government. And we promise to follow the policies that have been announced. and believes that the quality of life of the people will be improved For the case of the Pheu Thai Party launching Mr. Srettha Thavisin, the chairman of the Pheu Thai family’s advisor.


Mr. Somchai said that Mr. Srettha You can definitely fight with candidates from other political parties. even as a political newcomer Because in this situation saw that the previous government had not been successful in resolving economic problems and problems in the stomach of the people The party therefore had to find a suitable person to help develop it. Let the economy prosper And Mr. Srettha is a businessman. who was successful and said that he was ready to sacrifice his own business and come to work for the people thus making it more confident

As for the case when Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha said that he was good at business, it didn’t mean he was good at the economy. Mr. Somchai said General Prayuth said that, but the party did not care that Who will think of us, but we are determined to understand the public Because General Prayut Maybe they don’t understand us and don’t understand how we work. Therefore, they can criticize each other, it’s okay. To the Pheu Thai Party, open to listening to everyone. But what is not is useless to counter. Because in the end, the people will decide who to choose. Who will you believe and which party will you listen to?


“Who doesn’t understand? We don’t want to fiddle for anyone to listen carefully. The same buffalo We want to talk to Thai people who want to change, ”said Somchai.



Source: Thai News Agency


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