Confident that the government is ready to take on the debate between the Senate and the opposition.

Parliament 27 Feb. - "Wisut" is confident that the government is ready to face the debate. Senators and opposition parties praise the government's performance. Even though Budget 67 has not yet been used, it is expected that Budget 67 for agenda 2-3 will enter the House sooner than originally scheduled. Mr. Wisut Chainarun, Pheu Thai Party list MP, as chairman of the coalition coordination committee (government whip), said about the opposition's submission of the no-confidence motion that he believes the government does not need to prepare anything. a lot and criticizing the government for not having any results yet Because at this time the 2024 budget has not yet been passed by the House. Therefore affecting the progress of various local projects, whether it be road construction. or a project to build a reservoir that has requested a budget Still under consideration Because the impact came from the delay in establishing the government. This causes a delay in considering the budget and causing a delay in us ing the budget. or has a period of use of approximately 5 months only Confirm that the government has the work Although opponents may think that the government is ineffective, the price of sugarcane has increased to nearly 2,000 baht per tonne, the price of rubber has increased to 64 baht per kilogram, and the price of rice has also increased. As for various works That is concrete must have to wait for the budget to pass first. 'Many people suspect that the government is ineffective is not true. Regardless of the price of agricultural products Many items have increased in price. But many admit that they have problems. The Prime Minister is trying to solve the problem. And many ministers are trying to do their jobs. Therefore, I am confident that I can explain it. There is nothing of concern,' Mr. Wisut said. Mr. Wisut further said that as for the general discussion without voting according to Section 153 of the Senate, I believe that the government can explain. And the minister's team that will be discusse d has already prepared to explain. So it's not a concern. Whether it is a Senate debate or an opposition debate. 'Many people reflect that Thailand is facing an economic crisis. And many people claim that they have no money. Villagers are in trouble When we started the digital wallet project, we encountered another obstacle. Everyone knew that people didn't have purchasing power. Is there any money in your pocket? He is taking money to low income villagers. People who are already rich should not accept it. Should show spirit Teachers who complain that this project has a salary of 100,000 baht, don't accept it. We also didn't accept it. But I want poor people, villagers, and farmers to get it. Some houses have 5 people, or some houses get 80,000 baht because they have 8 people. They can use the money to invest, build a position, buy fertilizer, buy medicine for farming as production costs, and there will be money circulating in the system. So please don't interrupt. I am not skilled at anything, but I believe the government can answer,' Mr. Wisut said. When asked about the consideration of the draft bill (Act) for the fiscal year 2024 expenditures in agendas 2 and 3, when will it be submitted to the House of Representatives? Mr. Wisut said it should be faster than before. Because the special committee considered the budget It has been fully expedited. which will be faster than the target set Because the Subcommittee on the Budget Going to work sent a signal that it would be faster. and faster than normal However, I would like to emphasize that the slower the budget, the more damage it will cause. Many agencies are unable to afford procurement. The money was not spread out. Many people may be wondering why the government doesn't have a budget to spend. We are slow because we were slow to form a government. There are many people who say that the time to form a government should be extended to even 10 months. That will cause even more damage. But today we try to do it as quickly as possible. In order for the econom y of the nation and country to recover.-312 Source: Thai News Agency