Confirmed that “Thaksin” will reduce his punishment to the same degree as ordinary people.

Government House, "Somkid" confirms that "Thaksin" does not receive the privileges of correctional services, emphasizing that the reduction of his sentence is according to the same rules as all citizens. May the party move forward and refrain from expressing hateful comments.

Mr. Somkid Chuekong, Secretary-General to the Prime Minister Referring to the case of Mr. Rangsiman Rome, MP for the Move Forward Party stated that The party's amnesty bill will give everyone rights. and alluding to the fact that many people do not have the same rights as those on the 14th floor, saying that the return of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra does not have any privileges. It is carried out according to the process and requirements of the Department of Corrections. The reduction of the sentence by 1 in 3 is in accordance with the rules of the Department of Corrections and everyone can receive it as well. not different

“The Progressive Party should not raise this issue. And if you want to do an amnesty I appealed to the person who spoke. You should find many friends to be successful. Don't be the only one. The Pheu Thai Party and the Kao Klai Party were once in the opposition together. Don't think that you're the only one. In some matters, if it is beneficial to all parties, please help each other. You should not speak in a way that creates hatred for each other again,” Mr. Somkid said.

Source: Thai News Agency