Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) WHO Thailand Situation Report – 29 June 2020

  • On the 29th of June 2020, seven new cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 were reported by the Ministry of Public Health. The total number of cases reported in Thailand is currently 3,169.
  • Of these cases, about 96% (3,053) have recovered, 2% (58) have died and 2% (58) are still receiving treatment.
  • All seven new cases are in Thai nationals currently in State Quarantine, who returned from abroad (six from India, one from USA). In total, 232 COVID-19 cases have been detected in persons in State Quarantine.
  • No new deaths were reported today.
  • In the past five weeks, all COVID-19 cases detected in Thailand have been in repatriated Thai nationals (there have been no reported cases due to local transmission). It is important that members of the public continue to follow all the recommended preventive measures incluing physical distancing, washing hands regularly and avoiding touching the face, wearing masks if having to visit crowded places and adhering to respiratory etiquette by coughing only into a folded elbow or a tissue (which should be disposed of safely).


Healthcare facility assessment

  • The Ministry of Public Health has undertaken a survey to assess capacity to admit and treat COVID-19 patients. A total of 11,206 non-ICU beds are available, which means that a maximum of 500 COVID-19 positive cases could be admitted per day. Over 1.12 million N95 face masks, 511,578 sets of PPE and 11,096 ventilators are available. Sufficient stocks of drugs are available to deal with any possible re-emergence of COVID-19

Vaccine development in Thailand

  • Thailand has so far developed 20 prototype vaccines, six of which have already been tested on primates. The first phase of a human trial is scheduled for October 2020. If successful, it is anticipated that maximum production capacity would result in up to 30 million doses for distribution within Thailand by the end of 2021.

Laboratory testing for COVID-19

  • From 20-26 June, 35,363 samples were tested for COVID-19. Detection rate varied from 0.1-0.3%
  • The cumulative number of tests performed as of 26 June is 603,657 samples.
  • As of 29 June, 201 laboratories have been approved by the Department of Medical Sciences to perform PCR testing



Source: World Health Organization