COVID surge just a “new wave” which will gradually fade after the New Year

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has instructed all state hospitals to provide free vaccinations to members of the public, in the wake of a resurgence in COVID-19 infections, which they describe as a predictable “new wave.”


Public Health Permanent Secretary Dr. Opart Karnkawinpong said today (Friday) that the increase in infections will gradually subside after the New Year and most of the cases are not serious and do not require hospitalisation.


Additional measures are not necessary at this stage, he said, adding that the number of patients requiring hospital admission has only increased slightly, while the fatality rate averages not more than ten a day, which was anticipated.


Dr. Opart said, however, that all state hospitals have been instructed to provide free inoculations to the public, including a walk-in service, and to publicise the times of the service. Mobile vaccination services should also be considered in case there is a large response, especially among the elderly in a community, so they don’t have to travel to the hospital, he added.


He said that doctors should not be worried about unused vaccine having to be discarded because only a few people show up to be inoculated, noting that it is better to save a few lives than none at all.


Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service