Crakmedia takes GEO-targeting to new level

QUEBEC CITY, September 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Crakmedia network, a leading force in web marketing and e-commerce, has refined one of its flagship products.

The marketing company says it has designed a tool for publishers, which presents engaging advertisements to web surfers based on the location of the visitor.

“We’re very proud of our Geo-targeting algorithms,” says Vincent Frechette, Crakmedia’s Sales Director. “What’s particularly great about the geo-targeting technology that we offer – it’s all ‘set and forget’ solutions – we take care of everything on our end to display only the best geo-targeted ads to a publisher’s traffic,” adds Frechette.

Frechette says that publishers can gain ‘insight’ by previewing the company’s geo-targeting advertisements by selecting a country flag other than their own, to generate a simulation per se, to see what a visitor in another country would see.

“This has proven to be an essential solution in delivering targeted ads to diverse visitors. There’s no better way to maximize revenue,” adds Frechette.

Crakmedia strives to convert traffic to reach the highest possible EPC [Earnings Per Click]. Premium markets such as US, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom are not overlooked when it comes to our geo-targeting, Frechette emphasizes.

In 2014, the company’s algorithms outperformed other Ad networks by up to 30% more in terms of geo-targeting solutions.

“We know how to convert the world, and convert it well,” says Frechette.

Crakmedia Network is a company specializing in multimedia and e-commerce. Generating over 20 billion impressions monthly, its main areas of interest are contextual advertising and web development. For more information on Crakmedia, please visit