Crocodile farms in Surat Thani inspected to make sure crocodiles will not escape during flooding

Surat Thani's fishery officials were told to inspect 42 crocodile farmers in seven districts to make sure that the reptiles are safely kept in the farms in anticipation of another round of monsoon rains during January 16-18.

Meanwhile, the provincial administration has asked the Royal Thai Navy for more water-pushing boats to be placed on the Tapi river to accelerate the draining of excess water into the sea ahead of the anticipated onset of heavy rains compounded by a mass of runoffs from Phra Saeng and Kien Sa districts expected to flow into the Tapi river.

About 500 million cubic metres of water still remain in Phra Saeng and Kien Sa districts and it will take between 10-15 days for this water mass to be drained out into the sea if there are no more rains.

Large areas of Kien Sa and Poonpin districts remain flooded as water in the Tapi river has overflowed its banks. Many residents are marooned in their houses and food and bottled water have to be airdropped to the flood victims.

In Poonpin district, residents who do not have boats have built their own rafts by using foam boards to travel out of their houses to receive relief materials.

Director of Tha Rong Chang hospital in Poonpin district, Dr Kusak Kukiatkul, said the hospital had learned a painful lesson from a big flood back in 2011 and, this time around, all the medicines had been moved to higher ground and patients who are not in serious condition were told to go home.

Governor Ouychai Innark on Sunday visited the family of Mrs Nongyao Karn who was drowned after being washed away by strong currents in Phra Saeng district rand presented them financial support.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)