Crop Monitor for Early Warning | No. 51 – July 2020

In East Africa, planting continues for main season cereals in the north while in the south crops are in vegetative to reproductive stage and have benefitted from the record March to May rainfall, except in areas affected by floods or desert locusts. In West Africa, conditions are favourable for main season crop development in southern bimodal areas, and planting activities continued in the Sahel under favourable conditions. In North Africa, harvest of wheat and barley crops is nearly complete, and production prospects are below-average in Morocco and parts of Algeria and Tunisia as crops were unable to recover from seasonal drought and high temperatures. In the Middle East, harvest of wheat crops will finalize next month and final yield prospects are favourable except in areas affected by conflict. In Southern Africa, harvest of main season cereals is complete, and final yields were generally favourable except in drought-affected areas. Planting activities continued for winter wheat crops under favourable conditions. In Central and South Asia, conditions are favourable for the harvesting of winter wheat to be finalized in August and for the development of spring wheat to be harvested in October. In northern Southeast Asia, harvest is mostly complete for dry-season rice, and poor yields resulted in Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. Wet season rice is developing under generally favourable conditions and benefitted from recent rainfall. In Central America and the Caribbean, recent tropical storms resulted in flooding, landslides, and localized crop losses but were generally beneficial for the development of Primera season crops.