Currency Fluctuation of Ruble Results in Promotion Storm of Chinese Online Stores

HONG KONG, Dec. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — In recent months, the exchange rate of Ruble against Dollar has slumped continuously and reached 54:1. From March 2014 till now, the exchange rate has slumped almost 50%.

The depreciation of Ruble brings serious influence to the life and work of the Russian people. Before that, many Russian netizens enjoy shopping at Chinese online stores with a variety of cheap and delicate products, as the Chinese online stores provide millions of exquisite products such as smartphones, electronics, clothes, watches, jewelry, household and toys, which have really enriched Russian people’s life.

Because of the devaluation of Ruble against Dollar, Russian people have to pay almost double the price to purchase the same Chinese products. According to the research, many Russian customers have canceled or put off the original purchase plan.

Comebuy, one of the Chinese online stores, launched a fascinating activity that buying Russian warehouse could enjoy 11% discount and free shipping. Comebuy ensures to deliver products to customers in the fastest speed.

Comebuy is not just a products-seller; it could also be your family and friends. Comebuy wants to make your life more colorful by sharing the development of science and technology. Comebuy will always stand by the side of Russian people. With Comebuy, this winter won’t be so cold!

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