CVW 2014, the World’s First Large Industry Internet Conference, to Take Place in Yizhuang, Beijing

BEIJING, December 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — CVW 2014, the world’s first large-scale conference for discussing the industrial internet, will be held in Yizhuang, Beijing on December 12. The event, jointly organized by AsiaInfo, Cloud Valley and the Yizhuang Economic-Technological Development Area, is expected to bring together over 5,000 global IT and traditional industry leaders, all of whom are concerned about the development of their respective sectors, to discuss the evolution of the internet as well as technological models of and business innovations for the industrial internet.

With the development of cloud computing, big data, mobile communications and computing terminals, IT technologies are moving from conventional enterprise computing to social computing, driving the transition of the consumer internet over the past 20 years toward what can best be termed as the industry internet. It is an inevitable trend for industry and commerce to evolve toward a new ecosystem, which, in turn, will revolutionize our personal and social lives.

During the morning session following the opening of the conference, Yahoo! Inc. co-founder and former CEO Jerry Yang will, for the first time, share his insights into and practices for the internet over the next two decades, then follow with a conversation with his partner Nick Adam as well as with Trend Micro founder Steve Chang. Mr. Yang will also share his insights into, exploration of and practices for the internet, summing up what he views as the current state of affairs, as well as recount some stories about his investments in the mobile, sensor manufacturing and big data sectors after the switch of his role as Yahoo’s chief executive to that of investor.

China Broadband Capital Partners, L.P. (CBC) chairman Edward Tian, GSR Ventures managing director James Ding and AsiaInfo CTO Jin Yadong will engage in a panel discussion on the technologies and business models for the industry internet from both conceptual as well as practical perspectives.

Several launches are scheduled to take place during the event, including AsiaInfo’s DACP product line, AWS’ West Cloud Valley project, the Industry Internet Research Institute in Yizhuang and the "Cloud & Data" applications. In addition launches and demonstrations of internet offerings that are widely expected to turn heads will take place during the event as well as during the evening following the event, including, most notably, the new car lineup from Lingyun, demonstrating the revolutionary power of the industry internet in terms of clothing, food, housing and transport – all of which is highly expected to be well worth the wait.

During the morning session, heavyweights from the automotive, real estate, manufacturing, banking and finance sectors, including SOHO Chairman Pan Shiyi, Yonyou Software CO.LTD senior vice president Zheng Yulin, as well as industry leaders from ICBC, Air China and China Unicom, among others, will, in around table forum, discuss what they foresee as the revolutionary impact of the industry internet on various sectors as well as the significant implications for China and the world.

At six key sessions during the afternoon, in-depth discussions will be held on how to change ideas and business models by leveraging the power of the internet for telecommunications, manufacturing, finance, online security, cloud platforms and venture capital in the era of the industry internet as well as talk about how industries will be transformed, what will the path to get there will look like, what will be the anticipated experience as well as the opportunities for innovation and cooperation.

CVW 2014, jointly organized by the Yizhuang Economic-Technological Development Area, AsiaInfo and Beijing Cloud Valley, is where emerging industry internet leaders from both China and the global community will gather to drive the global process of and innovations across this new form of communication.

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