DDD Foundation opposes Anna Reese’s release on bail

The Don't Drive Drunk Foundation representatives yesterday petitioned the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau protesting Hua Kwang police over the release of Thai-English model and actress Anna Hamblaouris on bail for drink driving charge.

They handed the protest letter to the MPB commissioner via his spokesman.

In the letter, it claimed that the model, also known as Anna Reese, had been charged with drink driving that killed a police officer in 2015.

She was given a suspension jail-term for the offence but repeated the same offence again, for drunkdriving and hit-and-run.

Therefore, it said she should not be freed on bail so as to make her conscious of the guilt she committed.

The foundation then asked that the police to deal seriously with her case, particularly repeated offence.

MPB spokesman Pol Maj Gen Songpol Wattanachai said he personally disagreed with her release on bail, saying bail is part of the justice system.

But he said she still has to go to the court which will decide again for the bail.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)