Deputy PM endorses massive plan to combat flooding and drought

BANGKOK (NNT) – Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan has endorsed a government plan to address flooding and drought issues across the country.


The massive plan for water resource management consists of 63,589 projects that will require a total of 337.7 billion baht in funding to implement by 2024.


The deputy prime minister gave his approval while presiding over a meeting of the government subcommittees responsible for implementing the water management master plan and the development of water resources.


The large-scale undertaking entails increasing reservoir capacity by 1.4 billion cubic meters to cover 6.23 million rai of land, which could benefit up to 5.64 million households and protect 5.37 million rai of residential and agricultural areas from severe flooding.


Officials said the funds would also be spent to ensure adequate water supplies for consumption and industrial production, combat flooding, and preserve and restore ecosystems that support water resources.


During the meeting, Gen Prawit instructed the Royal Irrigation Department and other related state agencies to look into potential risk factors to prevent a delay in the plan’s implementation and an increase in funding requirements.


The meeting also approved a project to improve the irrigation system on the eastern side of the lower Chao Phraya River from Ayutthaya to Samut Prakan province and on the western side of the same river from Ayutthaya to Samut Sakon province.


Source: Government of Thailand