Don’t invite to Wednesday-Thursday events, send with PromptPay instead.

Parliament 27 Feb. - President whips new government. First meeting Decided to control the votes of government MPs with a million percent. The House of Representatives will definitely not collapse again. Ask residents not to invite representatives to events on Wednesday-Thursday. Told you to send with PromptPay so you can transfer. Because I have to work in the House of Representatives. Mr. Wisut Chainarun, Member of Parliament, list of names As the chairman of the coalition coordination committee (government whip), he spoke about accepting the position of chairman of the government whip, saying that he would like to ask the people to be aware that Wednesday-Thursday do not invite MPs to chair any event because of their duties. The matter of the MP is the parliamentary meeting. and also has duties on the level of the Ordinary Committee and the Special Committee of the House of Representatives. The government chief whip said that Wednesday and Thursday will be very busy because there may be voting on variou s important motions or laws that must be enforced on all Thai people. If invited to go to another province During that time It is considered that the performance of duties in the House is incomplete. At every government meeting, we have clarified important issues and what the issues are this week. and trust that every party whip will present it to their own party Therefore, he is 100% confident that he will be able to control the votes of government MPs. 'Therefore, do not invite representatives to the ordination ceremony or merit-making ceremony. It's a wedding. You can send PromptPay to your representative. He's already taken care of. This is important. We want representatives to be in the House. believe that modern representatives are responsible The government MPs are ready to act as a quorum. Not afraid of the House collapsing, confident that it is ready. Because I have understood it many times. There may have been some in the past, but nowadays we see a quorum, especially newer MPs coming into the Hous e, with more responsibility. The people also understand. And most representatives have informed the area that they cannot go to work on Wednesday and Thursday and must perform duties in the House. There will definitely not be a collapse of the House again,' Mr. Wisut said. Said.-312 Source: Thai News Agency