DrWisayu says General Prem still remains president of Privy Council

General PremTinsulanonda automatically remains president of the Privy Council after having completed his role as the Regent following the accession to the throne of HM King MahaVajiralongkorn, Deputy Prime Minister WisanuKrea-ngam clarified on Friday.

Citing the Constitution, he said that the term of a member of the Privy Council ends when he dies, resigns or replaced by an order of HM the King.

Regarding the traditional practice of granting Royal pardon on auspicious occasions after the succession of the new King, DrWisanu said that it was premature for him to discuss the matter, noting that authorities concerned would have to propose the matter first to the government.

But as far as the government is concerned, he said that he would call a meeting of agencies concerned next week to make clarification on matters related to the installation of the new King.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)