DSI probes Dhammakaya temple spokesman’s surface in Paris

The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) is investigating a report that the fugitive spokesman of Wat Dhammakaya wanted for several offences has fled the country and now is in Paris.

The investigation followed a photo of the spokesman Ong-art Thamnita, spokesman for Devoteed of Wat Dhammakaya wanted by the DSI for inviting public unrest in violation of the Criminal Act, was posted on the Internet and went viral on the social media. He appeared at a Japanese restaurant in Paris along with a Buddhist monk.

DSI is probing if the picture was an old picture taken before warrant for his arrest was issued on December 15 last year or after he sneaked out of the country to escape arrest.

The DSI and security officials believed if he did flee the country, it was through illegal exit channel rather than normal channel as there was no report of his departure from the Immigration Police Bureau.

The DSI is discussing the matter with relevant government agencies the possible channel to bring him back for trial.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)