Eight southern provinces still hard hit by floodings

Eight southern provinces are still submerged as monsoon rains still deteriorate the situation today.

Flood situation in Surat Thani province remains critical with over 7,000 families in nine districts severely affected after being hit by flash flood and water overflowing from the Tapee river.

Several concrete bridges were damaged by flash flood.

Authorities are now hurriedly repairing a bridge located at KM 77-78 kilometre marker in Wiang Sa district which was damaged by flash flood.

Meanwhile, the water level in the Tapee river continued to rise at a rate of 3 centimetres per hour.

Meanwhile in neighbouring Krabi province, officials were providing assistance to residents in Khon Panom district after various locations were hit by a flash flood Sunday night.

Soldiers also handed out survival kits to affected residents in various areas.

Officials said five districts and around 200 households have been distressed by floods.

Also over 250 families in Baan Chai Klong village of Panang Tung subdistrict in Kuan Kanoon district of Phatthalung province, which is located near Songkhla Lake and a large canal are still living in flooded areas.

Over 55,000 families living near the lake have been affected and over 100,000 rai of farmland damaged.

The flooding situation in Songkhla province has not yet improved either with areas located around the Songkhla lake and U-tapao river basin still inundated.

The flooding has also spread to cover 5 districts of the province at present, including Ranod, Krasaesin, Sating Phra, Singha Nakhon, and Kuan Ning districts, as more flood water has flowed in from Nakhon Si Thammarat and Phatthalung provinces.

All 175 schools are closed today.

The Songkhla Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, at the same time, reported two persons had been drowned by the strong water current.

In Trang province, six districts have been announced flood disaster areas. They include Muang Trang district.

Trang Municipality is still under 10-70 centimetres deep of flood water for three consecutive day.

Meanwhile two villages in Na Ta Luang subdistrict are also affected by the flood, with flood water remaining to be as high as 3-5 metres deep, distressing a total of 65 families.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)