Endless Love Passes through Oceans — Xmas Gifts from Globebuy

BEIJING, December 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — "I used to think the world is not flat. Also flatness does not mean equality even though when it refers to our feet. While we feel distressed about finding the right shoes to attend a banquet, the children in Honduras are walking barefoot on the barren land. But today, I believe that the inequality would disappear in the near future," Miss Cherry, who lives on the western coast of the Pacific Ocean, told her colleagues with excitement after receiving the parcels of 88 pairs of shoes.

Miss Cherry is in charge of Helpingpaws Across Bordersa charity in New Mexico. At the midnight (Pacific Standard Time) on Nov. 18th 2014, after seeing the pictures taken by her friends in Honduras, she was shocked because the children in those pictures had no shoes to wear. Then she decided to donate shoes to them with the hope of bringing more colors to their childhood. While searching on Google, by clicking on one marketing advertisement, she found quality shoes with reasonable price on a Chinese website called Globebuy.com. Miss Cherry soon placed an order and paid. What happened later, however, surprised her. She received an international call once she finished the order. It was from the website Globebuy.com, telling her she won the first prize of Globebuy.com as she became their first oversea customer.

After learning that the 88 pairs of shoes would be donated to the children in Honduras and Miss Cherry wanted to receive them as soon as possible, the customer service staff of Globebuy contacted the seller immediately and upgraded the shipping from normal to fast. At last, the 88 pairs of shoes were delivered on that day.

Three days later, Miss Cherry received the parcel, which was full of love and shipped across seas from China to New Mexico. After opening the parcel and seeing the beautifullydesigned, high-quality and colorful shoes, her eyes were filled with tears. Since the price was as half as that in the US, but the shoes were much better in quality. She was so happy and excited because in this way she could help more children. And the 3-day-arriving international shipping made her firmly believe that the world will be flat in the future and every child would grow up in an environment full of love.

As it is said in the gift note sent by Globebuy.com and the seller to Miss Cherry, "The world should be colorful instead of only white and black. Every child should be loved because they are our future! Thanks warm-hearted Miss Cherry, we firmly believe that although the shoes are light, they will give children more courage to pursue their dreams! Let’s make more efforts to create a flat worldand a better future!"

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