Everyone says this room is haunted. But people who come to sleep often get luck.

Lampang, Mae Wa National Park, Mae Wa Subdistrict, Thoen District, Lampang Province, another famous tourist attraction in Lampang Province. There are often many tourists who come to see the natural beauty of the forest and Mae Wa waterfall. But for the rooms, there are also stories of hauntings. Whoever comes to stay often encounters good things.

National park officials Lead reporters to explore the area that provides tent camping services. And one point that we take you to see is the Saengthip Shrine. It is a wooden shrine. It is believed that the goddess protects this place. The Goddess Shrine is close to room number 201, about 50 meters, and there is a story told by the people who have always taken care of the room that Guests often encounter strange mysteries. Some people can't sleep. Had to request to change rooms.

From asking Aunt Dokmai In charge of taking care of the room, it was said that room 201 (Tadrin) everyone in the office knew about the mystery of this room. But most of them are stories from guests who stayed there. Some people encountered the sound of people walking. or other mysteries to the point of being unable to sleep, but this mystery is a favorite for some guests because of good fortune I have to come back and dance to make amends. Buy a water heater to make a vow and bring Thai clothes to offer. and still stay again Personally, I admit that I have also had good fortune. But it's not very often. The latest is the last 2 digits, 14, draw date 16 Nov. 2023.

Source: Thai News Agency