Ex-PM Chuan asks government to address declining household income in the South

Former prime minister and chief advisor of the Democrat Party Chuan Leekpai has urged the government to come up with a special measure or policy to address the problem of household income of the southerners.

In an open letter addressed to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and received by Deputy Prime Minister Wisanu Kruea-ngarm, Mr Chuan said that although the average household income nationwide was increased from 25,194 baht to 26,915 baht in 2015, according to the National Statistics Office, the actual average household income in southern provinces has decreased.

He noted that in Ranong, household income dropped from 32,292 baht in 2013 to 22,035 baht in 2015; from 33,270 baht to 23,309 baht in Trang; and from 22,483 baht to 15,584 baht in Yala province.

For Ranong and Trang provinces, Chuan said that the household income had dropped by one-thirds of what the local families used to receive.

The former prime minister suggested that the government would come up with special measure or policy that suit with the local conditions or environments to address the problem of declining household income.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)