Ex-police chief admits borrowing 300 million baht from fugitive owner of Victoria Secret massage parlour

The former commissioner of the Royal Thai Police admitted yesterday (Feb 5) that he borrowed 300 million baht from the fugitive owner of Victoria Secret massage parlour for business purpose, but assured that everything was transparent and made through legal channel.

Pol Gen Somyot Poompanmoung, now president of the Football Association of Thailand, came out to defend himself after money trail of the owner of Victoria Secret Kampol Wirathepsuporn by the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) revealed that several money transactions from the suspect's bank accounts went to a former national police chief's bank accounts.

DSI suspected Kampol might be involved in money laundering for his human trafficking business.

Kampol and his wife, now still at large, are wanted for human trafficking charge following the raid by soldiers and interior officials where over a hundred migrant female workers were arrested, some are underage.

Pol Gen Somyot admitted that he borrowed money from Kampol because he was his friend and knew each other for over 20 years after Kampol was introduced to him by his friends in the amulet business.

But he said he didn't know how Kampol's money was obtained from.

When you wanted to borrow money from a friend, you would never dare to ask him where his money was derived from, Somyot said.

But he said all the money he borrowed from Kampol for his business had been returned.

He said he had reported everything about the money to the National Anti-Corruption Commission.

He said all the money he borrowed from Mr Kampol were made through banks which had records in the banking system and had borrowing agreements.

He said it was unecessafy to cover up the borrowed money as he never thought this money would be derived from illicit business.

He reiterated that if the people remained skeptical about where the money he borrowed from Mr Kampol would come from, then they should go ask Mr Kampol himself.

He said he couldn't answer the question of where the money came from.

Pol Gen Somyot added that he has prepared evidence and documents ready for clarification to the DSI.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)