Exegy Adds Support for Aequitas NEO Exchange

ST. LOUIS, March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Exegy Inc., a leading provider of managed services and technology for market data normalization and distribution, has announced today the availability of a feed handler for the Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc. (NEO Exchange). The NEO Exchange is using a bold new blueprint that puts investors, capital-raising companies and their dealers first, and aims to level the playing field to the advantage of all market participants. The NEO Exchange plans to launch its trading platform on March 27, 2015, trading TSX and TSXV listings. Its listing platform will launch in Q2 2015, when capital-raising companies will be able to obtain approval and go public on the NEO Exchange.

"Through our innovative solutions, our aim is to level the playing field and bring fairness back into trading, while enhancing transparency and access to trading information," says Joacim Wiklander, Chief Trading & Market Data Officer, Aequitas NEO Exchange. "We are confident that Exegy will deliver transformative value to their clients through their differentiated market data technology and high-quality service."

The NEO Exchange NITCH market data feed will provide market by order visibility into its Lit Book and market by price visibility into its unique NEO BookTM. The NITCH feed will also deliver trade reports from its Crossing Facility and Dark Book when it launches in 2016. In addition to real-time distribution via UDP multicast, the NITCH feed includes two TCP-based channels for the replay of recent data gaps and the recovery of current book state.

"Exegy is prepared to support the full-breadth of market data features of the NEO Exchange," says Exegy chief information officer Scott Parsons. The NEO Exchange NITCH feed is the latest addition to Exegy’s portfolio of over 200 feed handlers for global equities, options, commodities, and currency markets. "Our feed handler roadmap is customer-driven, and we have experienced strong growth in the deployments of Exegy appliances to support trading in Canadian equities and commodities," adds Parsons. Exegy provides the NEO Exchange NITCH feed handler at no additional charge to all customers consuming North American equities and commodities data feeds as part of its Managed Services.

The user-defined composite features provided by Exegy hardware-accelerated appliances enables clients trading Canadian equities to optionally include one or more Aequitas venues in consolidated views of real-time pricing across Canadian markets. "Our clients will benefit from the ability to dynamically include or omit pricing from the Aequitas Lit Book and NEO BookTM in their user-defined BBO and user-defined composite book views," says Exegy chief technology officer David Taylor. "The availability of NEO market data preserves the ability to utilize these user-defined composite pricing views for regulatory compliance and equips our clients to achieve best execution," adds Taylor.

About Exegy, Inc.
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