Expel MPs to go further and study the information carefully before speaking.

Government House, "Suthin" Suan steps forward to study ship salvage techniques before speaking. Reveals that the United States has confirmed that the entire ship is at risk of breaking or violating international agreements. Claims to separate the matter of recovering the ship from the person responsible. Didn't finish with the boat salvage completed. Someone must be punished. Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng, Minister of Defense Gave an interview when the Progressive Party noted the salvage of the Royal Sukhothai ship which did not recover the entire ship. and the previous bid to salvage the ship was rejected, saying that regarding the salvage of the Royal Sukhothai ship, the Royal Thai Navy had already responded to the House of Representatives Military Commission that the original item would be salvaged ourselves. But the United States, which sells ships to the Navy, has an agreement that the United States does not want other nations to have access to its technology. And there was an agreement that if the ship had a problem, he would be the one to repair it himself, including salvaging the ship. Therefore must accept this agreement. 'As for the method of salvaging the ship The speaker must understand techniques and methods. Innovation in borrowing Originally it was thought that the entire ship would be raised. He said that in many countries, ship salvage by bringing the whole ship has been broken before. The more it will destroy the evidence. Therefore, he would like to study the methods for salvaging the ship and then come out and speak. The United States has discussed this matter with the engineers in detail. He sees that the best way to recover is to recover gradually. He will send a team of divers to explore and take pictures of everything. in order to collect evidence Including a survey of another 5 missing personnel. If found, they will be brought up first. After that, it will be his technology. As for the auction failure Because we cannot violate the US agreement, including saving the budget and the US has releas ed some of the budget to borrow. As for us, we contribute a certain amount, but not much. The Navy confirms that it saves the government and government budget. When we look at it, there are more benefits than harm,' said the Minister of Defense. When asked repeatedly, Believe it or not, the military doesn't hide anything. Because the ship had been submerged under the sea for 1 year and 2 months, various evidence might have been destroyed. Mr. Suthin said he believed there was no such intention. Because as far as I know, they are investigating and must be punished. As for evidence, it's something we take seriously. Instructed the United States to use any method of recovery. But the evidence in the case must not be spoiled. which he confirmed As for the scandal about the command that contributed to the commander's delay in abandoning the ship. The Minister of Defense said that this is a matter that is being investigated. which is not related to shipwrecks Can be investigated by situation and surrounding witne sses Most recently, Admiral Adung Pan-iam, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, stated that the case will not be resolved or closed with the recovery of the ship. Therefore, there must be someone who will be held liable.-316 Source: Thai News Agency