Famous three world logos removed from Thai Garuda sculpture standing at Royal crematorium

The Fine Arts Department has ordered the removal of logos of three global brands from the two-metre high "Garuda" sculpture after ruling it is inappropriate and indicates commercial.

The order was given to the artist at the Fine Arts Department's Charng Sip Moo Thai Traditional Arts Centre in Nakhon Pathom province by the Mr Anant Choochoti, director-general of the department.

Artist of the two-metre high Garuda sculpture is Mr Pitak Chalermlao.

His order came amid widespread criticism of the standing Garuda sculpture which will be used to stand in front of the Royal crematorium after the pictures were posted on the Facebook page on the progress of building of the Garuda, the country's national emblem, with three famous logos, Apple, Facebook and Google, on the sculpture saying it is a contemporary sculpture that indicating modernity and internationality.

The post drew public outcry over the use of famous logos in the national emblem.

The artist puts Facebook logo on the waist belt plate, Apple logo on the right wing and Google logo on the left wing of the Garuda.

Following the outcry, the Fine Arts Department chief ordered that they be removed with reasons that it is inappropriate to be used in the Thai ancient and traditional ceremony, and also is a commercial indication.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)