Fertility clinic admits seized sperm tubes belong to its customers

Superior ART, a fertility treatment and pregnancy clinic in Bangkok, yesterday came out to admit that all six tubes of human sperms contained in a nytrogen tank that was seized by custom officials in Nong Khai belonged to two customers in Laos.

But it continued to deny that they were meant for surrogacy as they are sperms, not embryos.

The clinic managing director Sarayuth Assamakorn said all six tubes of human sperms belonged to two customers, one Chinese and one Vietnamese.

He apologized for earlier statement that he said two tubes belonged to a Chinese wife and her Vietnamese husband.

In fact they belonged to two patients, three for each, and they came to claim for the tubes on separate day.

He said they came by themselves to withdraw the tubes and signed in all required documents.

They have also clearly identified persons who would come to claim the tubes on their behalf, he said.

But he said they must notify the clinic one day in advance so that the clinic would have time to prepare all documents for them to bring the tubes out.

He said the person who was designated to claim the six tubes for the two customers is the same person, but not the same man who was arrested in Nong Khai.

He also said he had no idea if the man who happened to be the same person acted on behalf of two customers would indicate he is an employee of an agency, but he might be an employee of a logistics firm.

He asked not to link the indication to suspected surrogacy as they are sperms not embryos.

Health Service Support Department's deputy director general Dr Thongchai Kiratihatakorn, meanwhile, said investigation of the six tubes if human sperms showed they all came from Superior ART and Jetanin fertility clinics in Bangkok.

But he said the sperms were stored at Superior ART, while Jetanin only provides blood and sperm tests.

All documents produced by the two clinics matched what was earlier given by the arrested man and the documents he showed upon arrest.

He said the department was ready to cooperate with the police to find out if there was any wrongdoing, and has made observation to the police on the person who came to claim the tubes from the clinic in both cases is the same person.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)