File Transfer in iPhone and Android Made Easier than Ever with Xender

BEIJING, Jan. 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — AnMobi, a global leader in file transfer for mobile devices, presents Xender, a file transfer application for Android and iOS devices that makes file transfer faster, easier and fun.

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Many have suffered the tedious task of having to transfer files between mobile devices, a slow, annoying and sometimes even impossible task. Things have changed thanks to Xender, the new best way to transfer between iOS and Android devices.

Xender is fast – as much as 50 times faster than Bluetooth – allowing users to transfer files, regardless of the size or the type, faster than ever. Xender works by taking advantage of the Wi-Fi capabilities that are available in modern smartphones and tablets. Forget about tangled cables or Bluetooth issues, just open the app and after a couple of steps the transfer is completed, best of all, without the need for an Internet connection.

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Creating connections and sharing anything is easy, thanks to a friendly and intuitive interface that provides clear instructions. Once a connection is established, pictures, contacts, music, videos, documents and more can be sent and received simultaneously with a tap between up to five devices.

Xender Features

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  • Phone Replicate, as its name implies, allows users to replicate a phone in a new one, this is particularly useful when a new phone is bought and data must be carried over.
  • Android to iOS File Transfer enables seamless file transfer between the two biggest mobile platforms.
  • Shake to send, allows users to transfer files by shaking their phone.
  • Transfer pictures by literally sliding them onto another device.

Xender is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store for free.

About Xender:

With over 80 million satisfied users worldwide, Xender uses the technology and convenience of iOS and Android devices to usher in a generation of easy and speedy mobile file transfer. With frequent updates, it has consistently received critical praise and 5-star ratings in the Google play store. The Xender team consists of the brightest software engineering minds. For more information, please visit



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