Fire at chopstick making factory burns more than 1 million baht

Ratchaburi, Fire at a factory that makes chopsticks and meatball skewers. Mueang Ratchaburi District Damage of more than 1 million baht, expected to be electrical short circuit. There was a fire at a chopstick-making factory. Meatball skewers and toothpicks at Ang Thong Subdistrict, Mueang Ratchaburi District Officials mobilized nearby fire trucks to extinguish the incident. At the scene, a fire was found inside the factory. Officials tried to bring the water truck as close as possible to spray water. But because the factory building is a solid building, it causes smoke to cover it to the point of being invisible. Officials tried to quickly spray water to extinguish the fire inside, which was cramped and difficult to enter. Because there are piles of sawdust and piles of meatball skewers. and lots of chopsticks which is a good fuel It took officials more than 40 minutes to bring the fire under control. Ask foreign workers who works inside the factory said that before the incident, people in front of the fa ctory heard a loud noise similar to an explosion inside the factory building inside. So he went to look and found that there was a fire burning on the ceiling and pieces of fire had fallen on a pile of sawdust. Then a fire quickly rose up. Workers tried to help put out the fire. But they couldn't extinguish it because the pile of wood was large. So he quickly called the officials to come and help. Initially, it is believed that the cause was an electrical short circuit. But you have to wait for the main investigating officer to come in and check to find the real cause again. The entire area has been reserved. As for the initial damage value, it is likely to be more than 1 million baht. Source: Thai News Agency