Fire can be controlled within a limited area. Fire in industrial waste factory

A fire broke out at an industrial waste factory in Rayong Province. Officials were able to control the fire in a limited area. The Minister of Industry Order the Department of Factory to investigate the facts. Find the perpetrators and punish them. Fire incident at an industrial waste disposal factory in Rayong Province. Latest situation: At 5:50 p.m., officials were able to partially control music within a limited circle. This allows you to walk closer to the fire site. To spray foam to stop the fire while also spraying water in the surrounding area. This is to prevent the fire from erupting again. However, what is currently an obstacle is insufficient water sources. This caused officials to mobilize water from other sources that were far away. which takes time to transport water Ms. Pimpatra Wichaikul, Minister of Industry Mentioning the case of a fire at a chemical storage factory in Rayong Province, he said orders were given to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry. Rayong Provincial Indu strial Office Follow the situation closely. and report periodically. In addition, orders have been given to the Director-General of the Department of Industrial Works. Let's investigate the facts. Because the said company has already been closed. But there are still dangerous chemicals stored in the factory area. The Rayong Provincial Court has ordered the disposal of the chemicals. The factory is in process. But the aforementioned fire happened first. Therefore, we request that we quickly find the perpetrators and punish them. There are news reports that Dr. Suchatwee Suwansawat Deputy leader of the Democrat Party in charge of Bangkok posted a message via X (Twitter) stating, 'Chemical factory Industrial waste fire (again) in Rayong. Black smoke, toxic substances cover a wide area. Scary and dangerous. Ministry of Industry official responsible We must urgently protect the health of people in the area. Because of the effects of toxins It has a life-threatening effect on health. What is suspicious is the fact ory where the fire occurred today. There are executives involved with chemical storage plants. A fire recently occurred at a chemical factory in Ayutthaya. Went at the end of February. - Source: Thai News Agency