Floods worsened in South as more rains are expected

Floods continued to worsen and spread out as a result of the unrelenting rains in many southern provinces.

Narathiwat province has been hit by sustained rains in all of its 13 districts resulting in an incremental rise in flood waters.

Weather forecasts indicate more rains are expected.

Eleven of the 13 districts have been flooded but the worst hit are Sungai Golok, Rue Sor and Ra Ngae districts.

Authorities report that 11,727 households have bit affected and no less than 67 main and secondary roads are under water.

Also bridges at 7 locations have been damaged by flood waters and 2 landslides have also cut off at least 2 roads. Two schools are under water. Tragically, a 10 year girl has been reported to have drowned in the floods here.

Pattani province similarly has not escaped the deluge with latest reports indicating that flooding has spread out to 5 districts which include Pattani municipality, Ya Rang, Ma Yor, Saiburi and Nhong Jik districts.

Officials fear that more districts will be hit if rains continue to fall and fears of flashfloods are also a very real concern. Water levels in the Pattani River has risen very quickly being burdened by overflows from Yala province as well as the unrelenting rains.

As a result water has overflowed the banks of the Pattani River at many locations causing flooding in villages in Khao Toom sub-district in Ya Rang district.

The massive volume of water has also caused extensive damage to the Sungai Baru Bridge in Klong Mai sub-district and authorities have been forced to order a temporary closure.

As such residents in 3 villages are now forced to use alternative routes which have also been inundated to get in and out. At another location along the Pattani River in Nhong Jik district river waters burst the banks and flooded residential homes there under 30 � 50 cm of water.

Provincial authorities have issued warnings to residents living along low lying lands and along foothills to be on guard for possible flashfloods.

In Trang province, flashfloods flowing down from the Khao Banthat mountain range and hitting the Kachong Waterfalls in Nayong district in Trang province.

The fast flowing muddy colour water uprooted many trees and washed them onto nearby bridges. More than 200 tourists who were staying here to celebrate the New Year had to be hurriedly evacuated.

The flashfloods also flooded homes and the Chong District Hospital under more than 1 meter of water.

Hospitals officials had to rush to remove vital equipment and evacuate patients to escape the rising waters while being pelted by heavy rains.

Also the vital Trang � Phatthalung highway has been cut off at many points by landslides.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)