Four hand grenades found in a returned parcel

Officials of a private postal service were panic when they opened a no-receiver's parcel and found an ammunition box and alerted the police.

Members of the explosives ordnance disposal were dispatched to Kerry Express office in Bang Khen for an examination of the box. They pried it open and found four M67 hand grenades.

Police said that the grenades were in working condition. The grenades were wrapped up in black plastic tape and taken away from the post office.

An employee at the office, Ms Ratchaneekorn Rucheeprat, said the parcel was sent to the office on May 6 and delivered to the address appeared on the parcel, but there was no receiver and returned to the office.

She said that the parcel had been left in the office for several days and officials decided to open it. They found the ammunition box and were scared to open it for fear of their safety.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)