Freedom! Becomes No.1 MCN on Youtube upon Its 1st Anniversary

LOS ANGELES, December 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Freedom! MCN, a leading global video entertainment network on YouTube, announced that it has become the No. 1 MCN (Multi-Channel Network) on YouTube upon its 1st birthday, based on total number of members, according to Social Blade. It also ranks No. 7 in the English market based on the most Subscribed category and its Chinese division is ranked No. 1 in the Chinese language market with full localized support in Mandarin. Freedom! has a combined 1.3 billion video views per month and adds more than 500 new channels with 100,000 new subscribers every single day to its network, a very aggressive growth compared to other networks in this industry. To date, it has surpassed 100,000 channels and 50 million subscribers.

"We are thrilled and proud of our amazing growth," said George Vanous, Founder and CEO of Freedom! "Our team has successfully executed in this business, once again, faster and better than last time." The ‘last time’ George referred to was with the TGN network, a company that George founded, built and sold to BroadbandTV in 2012. He founded Freedom! and launched the Freedom! MCN on Dec 1, 2013.

"What distinguishes us from other networks is our focus on young YouTubers and young entrepreneurs. We created two $100,000 sponsorship programs for small channels and for gamers, respectively. In addition, we pay $10,000 a month to young entrepreneurs as a sponsorship for what we call Master Networks powered by Freedom!" George continues to say, "We want to nourish and cultivate the young YouTubers and help everyone grow together as a family. The #FreedomFamily!" While many YouTubers call Freedom! as family and switched from other networks to join, Freedom! also gives young and new YouTubers many valuable tips and tricks on how to survive and thrive in this lucrative business. Freedom! also announced a new incubation program for young entrepreneurs, YouTubers and developers to join the #FreedomFamily at its newly acquired 20,000 square feet office and studio space in Eastwood City to enjoy the provided infrastructure and support needed to run a successful video-based business.

"Our goal is to become the No. 1 YouTube network in all categories by April 2016, 1.5 years from now. We will expand in international markets, sign more premium content and execute programs that are relevant to our core audiences," Christine Xu, Director of Business Development, added. Freedom! will also seek new strategic investment and partnerships in 2015.

About Freedom!

Freedom! MCN is the leading video entertainment network for young males and video content creators around the world. As one of the fastest growing networks on YouTube, Freedom! delivers more than 1.1 billion video views per month and adds 500 channels with 100,000 total subscribers every single day. The network created MGN, the Multi-Gaming Network, as the MCN for gamers, and it creates YouTube tutorials, The George Show and original content all aimed at the coveted 18-34 year-old male demographic.

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