Further development of Russian-Turkish relations depends on Moscow – expert

The further development of relations between Moscow and Ankara depends on Russia, as Ankara has already taken a step towards Moscow, Togrul Ismayil, political scientist, associate professor of the Department of International Relations at the Ankara-based TOBB University of Economics and Technology, told Trend June 28.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent a letter of condolences to Russia's President Vladimir Putin June 27 over the death of Russian SU-24 pilot and expressed regret over the incident.

Erdogan said that Turkey "shares the pain of downed Su-24 pilot's death with his family" and "sees it as Turkey's pain".

"Erdogan's letter to his Russian counterpart is nothing but a well thought out diplomatic step," said the expert. "Russia perceived this as apologize and this shows that Moscow is satisfied with the letter."

"The further development of the relations depends on Russia," said Ismayil. "Time will tell whether there will be created a special commission and whether Russia will demand compensation."

The relations between Russia and Turkey deteriorated after the incident with Russian SU-24 bomber. Following the incident, Russia's President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on taking measures for ensuring the country's national security and special economic measures against Turkey.

Ismayil pointed out that Russia has also eased the sanctions imposed on Turkey and the economic relations between the two countries continue to develop.

"Turkey has never imposed sanctions on Russia. The economic and energy cooperation has always continued and this is above everything," he added.

Source: Trend