GHB solves debt with 0% interest, money fair for Thai teachers

Bangkok, July 14-GHB prepares measures to solve debt with 0% interest for 10 months at the Money Expo for Thai Teachers in Udon Thani Province on July 15-16, 2023.

Government Housing Bank (GHB) brings debt relief measures and financial products to join the 5th Money Expo for Thai Teachers in 4 Regions, Udon Thani Province, so that civil servants and educational personnel in Udon Thani Province receive comprehensive assistance. and have a better quality of life Guided by the Bank's existing customer assistance measures, Measure 22 [M22] for customers of government or private government teachers and educational personnel. who continue to serve in the civil service and/or are pensioners who have borrowed money from the bank for at least 1 year and have NPL status or NPL status that is in the process of taking measures/debt restructuring provide low installment payments Ready to reduce the interest rate for a special 2-year loan, starting from the 1st-10th month, paying only 1,000 baht per installment, interest rate 0% per year (cutting off all principal payments) and within the event, there are also used houses, GH Bank, good location throughout the country. with special discounts to sell more than 300 items and receive a down payment of up to 36 months without interest

For those who are interested, they can reserve the property online and put a deposit of 5,000 baht on the day of the contract to buy and sell. (Conditions are as specified by the bank) via Application: GHB ALL HOME Special!! Receive free gifts for customers who subscribe to buy a second-hand house, GH Bank as well, with the 5th Money Expo for Thai Teachers held between 15 and 16 July 2023 at Siam Grand Hotel, Muang District, Udon Thani Province. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency