GigaMedia’s Cloud Business to Offer Card Cloud Service and Virtual Platform Solution for Corporate Customers

TAIPEI, December 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — GigaMedia Limited (NASDAQ: GIGM) today announced that Giga Card Cloud Service and Virtual Platform Solution launched by its GigaCloud Business are available on the market.

Card Cloud Service provides business card management by transforming physical cards into digital information. It backs up the scanned physical business cards, and the contact details are stored and managed centrally. It also consists of the functions of authority management, quick search of business card directory and remark information and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration. Giga Card Cloud Service allows customers to scan, remark, share, manage and search the business cards saved in the cloud anytime and anywhere through all kinds of devices and browsers, and it ensures that the contact information of business cards will not be lost or damaged even if the mobile device used by the customer is accidentally deleted. Besides, given that the employees resign, Giga Card Cloud Service can help the enterprises preserve the information of customers, which is considered an important part of the corporate assets. The contact information will also be stored on the mobile phone’s address book which enables the users to call any phone number and view the address on the map.

GigaCloud’s Virtual Platform Solution is to help corporate customers design and build their private clouds integrated with the company’s Cloud Services. In comparison with traditional software program for corporate use, it is expensive for upgrade fees when corporate customers require for expanding the scope of application; moreover, the expenses are high for purchasing tailor-made business software. GigaCloud’s "Virtual Platform Solution" facilitates corporate customers to effectively increase the utilization of their existing IT infrastructure and easily enlarge the scope of application with improved agility, reliability, scalability and cost-savings.

GigaCloud will continue to work with the software partners for providing diversified cloud services in the future.

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