Girl dies after falling into an open gutter

A four-year old girl died when she accidentally fell into an open gutter at an Uah-Arthorn housing estate in Krathumban district of Samut Sakhon on Wednesday night.

The incident was reported to Krathumban district police by Mr Ratchanon Boon-ngam and Ms Supamas Chan-in, parents of the victim, Yosida Boon-ngarm.

With tears streaming from his eyes, Mr Ratchanon said he didn't understand why the authorities concerned did not cover up the gutter until his daughter accidentally fell into it to her death.

He, however, said he hoped the incident would be the last and would not recur.

Pol Col Vichien Prathumrat, the Krathumban police superintendent, said no charges had been lodged against any particular individuals for the time being until he had questioned all those concerned.

Mr Thawat Sinpan, director of National Housing Authority's 4th management division, said he would call a meeting of all officials concerned to map out preventive measures to prevent a recurrence of such tragedy.

He added that the NHA would considering providing financial help to the victim's family.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)