Global seven-a-side soccer tournament to score in Guangzhou (China Daily)

A soccer competition, part of a global seven-a-side tournament, is to be staged in Guangzhou.

The event, to help boost the game’s development in grassroots communities, is organized by the Tiezibang Football Club, launched by former Chinese international Li Tie and other retired stars last year.

Rounds have already been staged in 193 domestic and foreign cities, with more to follow in Thailand, Canada and Germany, said Zhu Jizheng, operational director.

After events in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, Shanghai and Beijing, the final will take place next February, said Zhu.

Ou Chuliang, a former goalkeeper for the national team, said organizing the tournament would help increase support from the public and companies.

“Soccer needs more financial support from the business circle and participation of more ordinary people would help expand the industry,” he said, adding that China needs a variety of tournaments, both professional and at grassroots levels, to boost the game’s development.