Ground Labs Publishes Guidance on Bash Exploit “Shellshock” Information and Containment

SEATTLE, October 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Ground Labs, a leader in sensitive data discovery software, published guidance concerning the recent Bash bug dubbed “Shellshock,” including information about the exploit and the global threat it poses to data security.


Discovered by security researcher Stephane Chazelas, Shellshock is an exploit that exists in any Unix system running the Bash shell, including Linux and OS X systems.

Shellshock is a red alert for worldwide network security for a few reasons: 1) The bug is extremely simple to exploit, 2) it is very dangerous due to the sheer amount of damage it can wreak, and 3) it can potentially impact 67 percent of the servers worldwide.

Cybercriminals can exploit the bug to make the bash shell run virtually any command they want, including full information extractions and dumps.

A Google researcher recently confirmed that existing patches are ineffective, rendering patched systems vulnerable. Ground Labs’ guidance highlights the dangers posed by the bug, and warns of the importance of taking appropriate precautions to protect sensitive data and keep computer systems secure.

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