Haier Unveils Whole Set of Smart Connected Home Appliances at IFA

BERLIN, September 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The IFA 2014 has recently opened at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. Leading home appliance manufacturers from all over the world are in intense competition, by showcasing their respective technical innovations this year. China’s leading white appliance brand, Haier, is also attending the event, displaying a whole set of new smart connected products. Its “U+ Smart living” operating system was reported by major media in both the US and Europe immediately after its appearance, becoming one of the highlights of this year’s IFA.

Haier’s connected home appliance ecosystem based on its U+ system covers five fields: air, food, water, entertainment and body care, manifesting smart life as a whole set of solutions that can communicate with each other and actively serve consumers.

One of the highlights of the Haier U+ system is that it can seamlessly connect either Haier’s smart appliances or smart terminals from other brands, breaking the current situation in which different home appliances are disconnected. It is not only an attempt to redefine “smart connection”, but also a pioneering effort to build a smart connected appliance ecosystem.

“I have a cake shop, and I’ve been always very busy. The labor cost is also high. The U+ system-based food ecosystem attracted me after I saw the introduction. It will allow me not only to search the latest recipes on the internet with one click on the refrigerator, but also to send orders to the oven for baking only with one click as well. The high efficiency frees up my time for developing new recipes,” Ms Leonie said excitedly.

At the IFA, the intelligent functions of the U+ system-based appliances were showcased: a household water ecosystem can clean and save water through the collaboration among water purifier, intelligent water dispenser and water recovery apparatus; a smart entertainment ecosystem composed of a TV set, a computer and a mobile phone enables users to shop and watch movies at home just like at a plaza; and a smart laundry and clothing care ecosystem mainly comprised of a washer and a dryer provides a range of solutions for clothes laundering and care. The Haier U+ system, through the connection of different home appliances, offers a one-stop smart living solution covering every living detail.

Haier’s “smart connection” model based on its U+ system, will lead the new developing trend in the smart living industry. “The IFA draws international media every year because it leads the industry trend. The 2014 event focuses on smart connection, and Digitization will be replaced with Internet,” said Hans-Joachim Kamp, chairman of the supervisory board of GFU, at the global press conference.