HiCloud Leads a New Direction in LED High Bays

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — As with all areas of LED lighting, there are a multitude of companies offering LED alternatives for high bays. A few high-end brands have developed some forward thinking designs, but most products remain adaptations of the traditional style, big, bulky, and using reflectors to manage beam angle.

An exception here is HiCloud from OK LED. OK LED is one of the first mass market manufacturers to rethink high bay design, opting for a compact aluminium cast heat sink rather than a weighty, clunky extrusion, and a large diameter SMD light source, to capitalise on the potential for significantly improved thermal performance. The HiCloud innovations hassled to significant sales success for OK LED in Latin America, Middle East and European markets.

General Manager Simon Su has been involved since the first utilisations of LED for high bay applications. He explains, "the HiCloud SMD design has much better thermal performance than equivalent COB products, and all the HiCloud models achieve more than 120 lumens per watt, excellent uniformity, and an L70 in excess of 100,000 hours."

These characteristics certainly enable HiCloud outperform most competitors and allow them to claim direct replacement status for metal halide without all the qualifiers that usually have to accompany such a claim. Claims are one thing, credible test data is another, but it appears OK LED have been diligent with their testing and all their claims are well supported. LM80 tests report excellent life projections even at elevated temperatures. This is important in hotter climates.

Even so, HiCloud’s success is not just based on light output. Its lightweight and compact design makes it an easy fixture to work with, and a neat and unobtrusive fixture when installed. Other features include IP65 rating, a tempered glass diffuser, a range of optional mounting brackets, and optional occupancy, DALI, and 1-10V control.

OK LED may be one of the smaller manufacturers, but the depth of experience of their key personnel, and their willingness to explore creative solutions makes them one to watch for the future, and right now, HiCloud is definitely the LED high bay to consider for your current projects.

More information about OK LED and HiCloud LED high bay light, please visit http://www.okled.com or http://ledhighbaylighting.webs.com