Hijacking candidates – parties who do not keep campaign signs

Bangkok, May 24 – "Srisuwan" calls on the Interior to order the governor-locals across the country. blame the applicant MPs - political parties that have not kept campaign signs pointing to power Not socially responsible, obstructing the Cleanliness Act to continue examining the electoral spending account

Mr. Srisuwan Janya, secretary-general of the Association for the Protection of the Thai Constitution, revealed that the association had issued an urgent letter to the Minister and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior. to request an order to the governor of Bangkok, the provincial governor and local executives across the country to convict candidates for election, MPs and various political parties in their area of responsibility who still refused to keep the campaign sign Let it be cluttered, sloppy, unfamiliar at the moment.

Mr. Srisuwan said that the election of MPs on May 14 had passed more than a week, except for the exceptions under the 1992 Cleanliness Act. that candidates, MPs and political parties Refusing to collect billboards It therefore falls within the scope of an offense under Section 39 and/or Section 30 in conjunction with Section 54, which the local official or competent official can report to prosecute. which at present, in many localities, campaign signs of various candidates and political parties are still found Still hanging or installed in the streets, alleys, alleys in many communities, villages

“Some candidates or parties keep their signs only in the area along the main road, but in the alleys and in the community, they still leave them. I don't care to keep everything in order. Reflect or point out the identity of these candidates and political parties very well that they only want power. but clearly lacks social responsibility People should keep in mind that next time they will not choose such political parties again, ”said Srisuwan.

Mr. Srisuwan said he urged localities to If prosecuting or arresting candidates, MPs and various political parties who refused to keep the campaign sign Ask to bring the receipt to be printed on a vinyl plaque and hung in contempt or notify people passing by or contacting the government to know generally that there are any candidates for MPs or political parties who are not socially responsible. the matter as well

“The association will also complain to the Election Commission of Thailand because candidates, MPs, and all political parties must also report election expenses to the Election Commission within 90 days. in the expense account as well. It is equivalent to the cost of installing a campaign billboard as well. It can be inferred that such candidates and political parties refuse to keep campaign signs. This is a violation of the law of the EC and the political party registrar. decisive steps must be taken in accordance with The Act on Political Parties 2017 will continue, and the association will continue to examine the accounts of all party election expenses after the Election Commission has posted announcements as required by law, ”said Srisuwan.- Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency