Honduras to establish diplomatic relations with China

Tegucigalpa, March 15 – Honduran President Iris Ciomara Castro Sarmiento. said yesterday Honduras to establish diplomatic relations with mainland China The decision resulted in the severing of official ties with Taiwan.

Ms Castro tweeted on Twitter: She ordered Foreign Minister Eduardo Reina to formally opened relations with the People's Republic of China The move comes just weeks after her government announced that is in negotiations with China To build a hydroelectric dam called Patuka 2, under Beijing's one-China principle, countries cannot have formal diplomatic relations with China and Taiwan simultaneously. Honduras is one of 14 countries. that officially recognizes Taiwan The Honduran government has not confirmed that. Have you officially cut ties with Taiwan?

Meanwhile today Taiwan's foreign ministry said Taiwan was deeply concerned by the Honduran leader's statement, saying that Taiwan asked Honduras to consider the matter carefully and not fall into the trap of China and making the wrong decision to damage long-standing relations and friendship. long distance between Taiwan and Honduras

Honduras, a country in Central America and close to the United States. with strong ties with Taiwan despite not having diplomatic relations with Taiwan while in Honduras Has diplomatic relations with Taiwan for many decades.

Source: Thai News Agency