Hong Kong police arrest at least 180 rioters, several officers injured

Hong Kong police said they arrested at least 180 people on Sunday as a large number of rioters took part in unlawful assemblies and committed violent acts on Hong Kong Island, leaving several police officers and passers-by injured, Trend reports citing Xinhua.

Starting from Sunday noon, rioters gathered in Causeway Bay and Wan Chai areas and blocked main roads with rubbish bins, bamboo sticks, rocks and other objects. Some of them dashed onto nearby flyovers and roads, forcing cars to stop.

At a flyover in Causeway Bay, rioters hurled a large amount of stones, hard objects and unknown fluid at police officers. At least four media liaison officers on duty were injured.

In Tin Lok Lane near the flyover, rioters hit police vehicles with bricks and smashed the windshield of one car, injuring one police officer.

A 41-year-old man was confronted by dozens of rioters who had been building barricades with rubbish and was assaulted by several of them with umbrellas. As the victim tried to escape, the rioters gave chase and continued their attack. At least five rioters opened their umbrellas to cover up their assault.

The victim sustained lacerations to his head, hand and back and has been hospitalized.

Identifying the victim as a lawyer, President of the Law Society of Hong Kong Melissa Kaye Pang said her organization felt sad and furious about the incident and strongly condemned the rioters’ acts.


Source: TREND News Agency