Huawei “Innovation in China” CE12800 Passes TUV Rheinland Green Product Certification

HONG KONG, April 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Internationally renowned independent supplier inspection, testing and certification body, TUV Rheinland Group (TUV Rheinland), recently announced that Huawei’s CE12800 agile switches successfully received TUV Rheinland green product certification. This certification assures that the green performance, including the low power consumption, of Huawei’s CE12800 agile switch series is ahead of the rest of the industry, helping enterprises and operators in building green, energy-saving datacentre networks.

As a world-leading ICT solution provider, Huawei is constantly introducing innovations to satisfy customer needs. CE12808S and CE12804S are new members of its CE12800 agile switch product series, which upholds one core concept: universality for both modules and components. Huawei has also developed a number of innovative energy-saving technologies, including the most efficient power module ever, with real-time power monitoring to adjust energy consumption concurrently based on equipment load. With its solid engineering capability, Huawei has reduced panel air vent intervals to 0.6 mm to increase the air inlet for ventilation by 35%, thus significantly improving equipment cooling performance. The patented front and rear vent design for absolute heat and cool air separation realises customer demand for a high-standard datacentre thermal solution.

Huawei has always pursued excellence in its search for technological innovation and overall manufacturing capability, allowing it to build network products and solutions that meet customer demand with continually improving green, energy-saving technology. To verify the energy-saving characteristics of the CE12800 series, Huawei submitted it to the challenge of TUV Rheinland’s uncompromising tests. During CeBIT, held in Germany, and over the Chinese New Year, Huawei released two new members of the TUV Rheinland green-certified CE12800 series, declaring to the world the importance of "Innovation in China" in the ICT industry.

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