Idomoo Introduces Dynamic Video Ads for Ecommerce

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

300% increase in CTR over traditional video advertising and 600% over Display advertising. 200% ROI increase compared to standard store conversion.

Today Idomoo announces Idomoo Dynamic Video Ads. The cloud-based video automation features real-time customized videos for the masses.

Idomoo Dynamic Video Ads offers brands and sellers a breakthrough video advertising platform. Leveraging Idomoo’s proprietary IP that combines video and big data technology, integrated with popular media performance platforms, Idomoo opens the door for businesses of all sizes to boost traffic and sales of their online stores.


Idomoo Dynamic Video Ads on Shopify 

Idomoo Dynamic Video Ads is available to merchants being powered by Shopify, the leading commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, at their retail location and everywhere in between, through the Shopify App Store . A recent study conducted by Idomoo, of hundreds of Shopify stores using the app, shows that Idomoo delivers 300% increase in CTR over traditional video advertising and 600% over Display advertising. In addition, these stores experienced a 200% ROI increase compared to standard store conversion rates.

"The new Idomoo app allows Shopify merchants to add video advertising to their current marketing efforts," says Atlee Clark, Head of App Store and Third Party Developer Ecosystem at Shopify. "We’re constantly looking for new tools that help our customers run their businesses and Idomoo Dynamic Video Ads are a great way to engage and attract visitors." 

Idomoo Dynamic Video Ads – The News: 

Video Automation: 

Idomoo’s technology eliminates the biggest barrier to video advertising – the hassle of the video production process, including creative, shooting, rendering, production and distribution. Leveraging programmatic creative technology, it produces millions of video ads automatically based on any available product catalog and pre-defined rules.

Customized Video Ads in Real Time: 

The end result of Idomoo video automation includes video creative, audio, pricing and call to action buttons while specific creative elements can be customized based on the visitor’s unique characteristics in real time.

"We are the pioneers in combining the two most powerful technologies: Video and Re-targeting, with Google Re-marketing as the leading distribution channel," says Danny Kalish, Idomoo Founder and CTO. "Once the consumer receives a reminder of his wishes in a video format, it has been proven that he is 6X more likely to click back to the store than in a regular display format," Kalish explains.

Video Advertising for the Masses 

By automating video production and simplifying distribution, we open the door for businesses of all kinds to benefit from the highest ROI made possible by video advertising, the most powerful marketing and advertising medium, not to mention saving high video production costs. Fast rendering speeds and big savings on video production costs mean Idomoo’s technology is unmatched today in the industry.

Meet us at CES: 

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About Idomoo 

Idomoo helps brands deliver on the promise of customer personalization: moving each customer to action by addressing them individually with relevant experiences that matter. In a world of endless streams of content, Idomoo’s Personalized Video excels the effectiveness of relevant customer communication. Millions of Idomoo Personalized Videos have been created to fuel customer satisfaction, acquisition, retention and brand loyalty. With Idomoo, organizations are able to inspire their audience and grow their business. Leaders in Telecommunication, Utilities, Banking, Insurance and other industries benefit every day the outstanding value of Idomoo’s Personalized Videos for marketing, customer success and brand loyalty programs. Learn more:

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