In Order to Meet the Arrival of New Opportunities, FIFACOINSBUY Announces Plans to Upgrade and Revise Their Website

WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — FIFACOINSBUY.COM, a comprehensive worldwide leading FIFA services provider which sells FIFA COINS and FIFA 15 CD Key, recently announced that, in order to meet the arrival of new opportunities, they will revise their website in order to give customers a better, more convenient and more comfortable shopping experience. With the upcoming new game FIFA 15, this is undoubtedly, the most anticipated event of this year. By selling FIFA 15 Coins, the new FIFACOINSBUY, which is owned by Chongqing SoftIsland Co., Ltd., can help players enhance their in-game performance.

Ordinary people might not be too familiar with the company, but for players who play games and often buy products online, FIFACOINSBUY is famous. Whenever these players need to buy virtual products, their first thought is FIFACOINSBUY.COM, not only because of the attractive prices, but also because of their outstanding customer service.

“During the last fiscal year, FIFACOINSBUY sales reached $30 million, exceeding the expected target by 157%. With the positive market situation, the revised FIFACOINSBUY undoubtedly will get a better result.” Talking about why FIFACOINSBUY has been such a success, their CEO, Vinson Lau said: “Pretty pages and attractive price are the basic conditions to attract customers, good customer service is the fundamental reason to retain customers, and FIFACOINSBUY’s excellent customer service team can provide customers with an unmatched customer experience.”

FIFACOINSBUY.COM is one of their many sites. As a large enterprise with a powerful, keen business vision, they sell to both English-speaking and non-English speaking countries. The site ACHETERFIFACOINS.FR (fifa 15 credits) is for buyers from French-speaking countries, FIFACOINSKAUFEN.DE (fifa 15 munzen) is for buyers from German-speaking countries, and FIFACOINSCOMPRAR.COM (fifa 15 monedas) is for buyers from Portuguese-speaking countries.

Many brick and mortar companies sell products over the world, but those that sell to the entire world, such as FIFACOINSBUY, are quite rare. Sales to non-English speaking countries now account for 25% of total sales and will increase in the next fiscal year to 40% of total sales.