Income Generation through Franchise Businesses to Fight COVID-19

The Cabinet, during its meeting on 20 April 2021, approved a fund of 68 million baht for the Department of Business Development (DBD) to carry out a project to generate income through franchise businesses, as a way to stand up against the COVID-19 situation.

The project will be implemented for eight months, from May to December 2021. It aims to create jobs for the unemployed, revive the operations of franchises and SMEs, provide greater marketing opportunities for franchise products and investments, and increase income generation channels and value for the Thai economy, which has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 transmission.

The project comprises two major activities. In the first activity, a franchise fair, known as Road Show 2021, will be organized 15 times in the regional areas of the country (in 15 provinces; two provinces a month), covering 100 target businesses.

This activity also includes coordination to enable owners of franchise businesses to have access to financial sources offered by state financial institutions and soft loans extended by commercial banks.

The second activity seeks to organize the DBD Franchise & SME Expo 2021 in Bangkok, covering 400 target businesses. It also involves coordination between franchisors and state financial institutions and commercial banks that offer soft loans.

With this project, it is expected that 500 franchises will propose alternative businesses to generate income for the people affected by the COVID-19 situation. About 10,000 unemployed persons and those who want to invest in franchise businesses, as well as franchises affected by the COVID-19 situation, will take part in this project.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department