Innovative Qi teamaker Reinvents the World’s Tea Brewing Experience on Kickstarter

SHANGHAI, November 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Keyway Innovations, a startup company based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, has introduced the Qi teamaker, the world’s first app-enabled tea maker with an innovative patent-pending brewing system that aims to reinvent the world’s tea brewing experience. They have just launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and needs your support to help bring their product to tea enthusiasts and supporters all around.

Innovative Qi teamaker Reinvents the World's Tea Brewing Experience on Kickstarter

Innovative Qi teamaker Reinvents the World’s Tea Brewing Experience on Kickstarter

Next to water, tea is the most popular drink in the world and is appreciated by millions of people every day for its great taste and wide range of health benefits.

"While making tea seems easy, making good tea is not," said Rick Ha, PhD, Founder and CEO at Keyway Innovations. "So we strive to deliver an innovative and modernized brewing experience with our Qi teamaker to today’s tea lovers, enabling us to effortlessly enjoy good quality and healthy tea as part of our metropolitan lifestyle."

The Qi teamaker takes care of the 4 key elements in brewing a perfect cup of tea, which are water temperature, brewing time, water flow, and tea leaf expansion. What makes the Qi teamaker truly unique is its patent-pending brewing system that does not use a water pump or mechanical agitator to create the necessary water flow. This allows for a hassle-free automatic brewing process with simple preparation and cleanup.

In addition, the Qi teamaker comes in 3 different versions and provides a rich set of features to make tea brewing easy and enjoyable, whether it is for traditional teas, Hong Kong-style milk tea, bubble tea, floral teas or even iced teas. Such features include built-in programs for specific tea varieties, water/leaf separation architecture, clear glass body, aroma-enhancing design, automatic rinse tea, and automatic dispense tea.

Selected models of the Qi teamaker will also come with a smartphone app that lets users customize the brewing settings, manage the brewing process, and follow favorite tea recipes easily on a smartphone.

"Our team has spent over 4 years of research and development to put together the product that has become the Qi teamaker today," noted Nicolas Roux, Co-Founder and Global Design Lead at Keyway Innovations. "Our Kickstarter campaign will help us secure the necessary funds to undergo the mass production stage successfully, including design finalization, manufacturing, testing and logistics."

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