Interactive Real-time Teaching of Taiwan Small-School Alliance Took Care of Students’ Needs of Learning in Remote Areas

TAIPEI, Nov. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — In 2014, Taiwan’s Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs launched Taiwan Small-school Alliance interactive real-time teaching through E-learning Industry Cross-Domain Advancement Plan in order to meet the needs of learning in the remote areas of different provinces for shortage of teachers had been a frequently seen situation in those places.  The plan successfully integrated the resources of the learning industry, charities and enterprises of real-time broadcast systems, starting the cross-school services and gathering more than 10 schools in 3 provinces to form this alliance.  Through network and telecommunication technology, like cloud social network, online conference and real-time broadcast, the common lessons of the alliance not only alleviated teaching burden but also enriched learning contents.  In addition, students’ ability of communication and sharing was also developed.  While the distinctive lessons between schools were shared, an innovative learning service of cross-domain collaboration also surfaced.

As different schools shared their distinctive classes, like music, bird ecology, English picture books and etc., the students of different places and culture backgrounds were also inspired with a lot of positive stimulation.  One of the teachers expressed that these lessons enhanced students’ concentration and improved learning results and his students looked forward to the next round of learning.

The model of the small-school alliance was conducive to learning and encouraged interactions between the students living in different areas.  For these reasons, Taiwan’s Industrial Development Bureau plans to invite school overseas to participate the small-school alliance so as to broaden students’ international views and to bring forth culture exchanges between countries.  In addition, the international field verification will also contribute to the industry and researches, assisting enterprises to establish new business models, promoting services for global collaborative learning and helping form emerging education industry services.

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