Intime Celebrated its 16th Anniversary

“Four Engines” Helped Create New-High Sales

BEIJING, Nov. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Intime Retail is pleased to announce the perfect conclusion of its 16th Group Anniversary & Chinese Shopping Festival.

With the help of "four engines" (Digitalization, Omni-Channel, Platform and Entertainment), Intime’s 16th Anniversary is able to present a customer-oriented "Chinese Shopping Festival" (November 11 to 16) both online and offline, offering all-round shopping experience.

The Group recorded more than RMB 1400 million sales for the six-day period, representing a y-o-y increase of 13.5% over last year’s six-day anniversary. Nearly 7 million customers visited the Group’s physical stores. Among which, over 5 million visited the Group’s stores in Zhejiang, accounting for 10% of Zhejiang’s total population.

Omni-Channel The big driver

Since last year’s cooperation with Tmall O2O in launching "11.11" event, Intime started to initiate omni-channel reform and explore a new "Okay to Okay" business model. The nine major channels, i.e., Tmall Boutique Store, Tmall O2O Store, Love Shopping on Mobile Taobao, O2O Sub-Venue, MINI Yin, Wechat Official Account, Xiao Store and Yintaibao, combined with the offline interactive shopping experience, start to add momentum to the Group’s growth as a whole.Three stores witnessed over RMB100 million sales on a single day.

Three stores witnessed over RMB100 million sales on a single day

Hangzhou Wulin General Store broke RMB 200 million on November 16, a new single-day sales record for the Group, indicating a YoY increase of 25.0%; Ningbo Dongmen Store recorded sales of RMB 127 million, a YoY increase of 12.4%; Ningbo Tianyi Store recorded sales of RMB 104 million, a YoY increase of 30.0% its first-ever record of over RMB100 million. Therefore, the Group’s three stores boasted over RMB100 million sales on a single day.

Several stores saw record-high sales

A total of 15 stores, including Ningbo Yinzhou Store, Ningbo Cixi Store, Ningbo Fenghua Store, and Jinhua Jiangnan Store, etc recorded new-high sales on a single day.

Interactive shopping embraced by customers

Socialized, interactive and experiential shopping is now increasingly popular and attractive in the internet era, unfolding its growth potential: Intime Girlfriend Circle brought in RMB130 million sales. Among which, 1% Girlfriend Circle customers generated 9% total sales and the highest-record group spent RMB1.98 million.

Cross-sector innovation cut costs

Intime launched its 16th Group Anniversary with the deepest discount in the year from November 11 to 16. In addition to its cooperation with Alibaba Group on O2O operations, the Group again initiated cross-sector integration by working with known internet car-renting company and real estate company,saving RMB20 million for customers on transportation and house-purchansing. Open doors to Intime’s omni-channel members.

Entertainment-oriented shopping experience

For this year’s Group Anniversary, Intime promoted entertainment-oriented shopping experience in line with the creative idea of "shopping and hanging out together."

November 15 witnessed the success of Intime Grand Parade where 20,000 little monsters participated. The entertainment-oriented event was the first to "occupy" Hangzhou Yan’an Road soley for purpose of customer’s entertainment and parade, where everyone had a great time. On November 3, the brand event titled "Straight forward" joined in Hangzhou marathon to promote sports fashion with new business thinking.

The "omnipotent" shopping center and Intime’s "little monsters" offered customers food, amusement and shopping experience. Intime’s staff and customers danced together and participated in the little monster games to share brand-new shopping experience.

Adhering to the idea of "customer-oriented, care for the staff and innovation & reform," by virtue of digitalization, omni-channel, platform and entertainment, Intime has been making changes in recent years and committed to establishing a consumer solution provider driven by big data.

Intime initiated "joint action" this October which received positive response from hundreds of retail companies. Chinese Shopping Festival was thus determined to be held from November 11 to 16, spurring brand new thinking in the integration and sharing of retail industry. In addition, Intime fully demonstrated a brand new image during its 16th Group Anniversary through a series of efforts in digitalization, omni-channel, platform and entertainment, indicating Intime’s exploration and practice in innovating new patterns in China’s retail industry during a new consumption era.

"In this great age, changes are bound to be made!"

Thank you for being with us!

About Intime Retail (Group) Co. Ltd.

Intime Retail (Group) Co. Ltd. ("Intime Retail" or the "Company", Hong Kong Stock Exchange stock code: 01833 (HK), together with its subsidiaries, the "Group") is a large diversified retail chain Group which major business is retailing, shopping centres and E-commerce. Intime Retail was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007. In Hong Kong, "Intime Department Store (Group) Company Limited" was officially renamed as "Intime Retail (Group) Company Limited" on 20 March 2013. Intime Retail has become one of the domestic enterprises with most frequent cooperation with luxurious brands. The Group is accelerating the development of consolidated entities in middle- and high-class cities in the country. In the meantime, its retail models upgrade and innovate continuously from traditional retailing business to large shopping centres and e-shopping, "Intime Department Stores," "Intime Shopping Centres" and "" formed the three major business operation models which possess the characteristics of "Intime."

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