IOM DTM Thailand COVID-19 Perception Survey Round 2 Factsheet – Chanthaburi Province (May – August 2022)

This factsheet aims to provide a snapshot of the perceptions, needs and challenges related to COVID-19, the vaccine and the booster vaccine among the Myanmar migrant population in Thailand in mid-2022 according to IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix’s (DTM) COVID-19 Perception Survey Round 2. Data collection for Round 2 was initiated after the completion of Round 1, which took place in late 2021 and early 2022 to support the strengthening of communications regarding mass immunizations in Thailand against COVID-19. The purpose of Round 2 is to enable analysis on how attitudes about the COVID-19 vaccine have changed over time and to gauge uptake and perception of the COVID-19 booster vaccine. As of July 2022, over half of Thailand’s provinces report vaccination rates above 70 per cent and vaccination is offered for free to Thai nationals and other nationals, regardless of documentation status. In June 2022, the government lifted Thailand’s final COVID-19-related travel restriction, the requirement of partaking in the Thailand Pass, a registration system intended to prevent COVID-19-positive individuals entering the country. As a result, movement into Thailand has increased and the risk dynamic of COVID-19 among vulnerable populations, despite rising vaccination rates, continues to develop.


Source: International Organization for Migration