IOM Myanmar COVID-19 Response Situation Report 11, 6 August 2020

10,893 migrants returned from Thailand through border checkpoints from 17 July to 5 August

141,710 migrants returned through border checkpoints to date


Returns from Thailand continued at a steady pace on the second half of July and the first week of August, with 10,893 (4,520 female, 6,373 male) returns from 17 July to 5 August. A further 949 Myanmar nationals returned via Myanmar Government Assisted Relief flights between 17 to 26 July, including from Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Australia and Jordan, among others. Since the middle of March, a total of 141,710 migrants have returned to Myanmar via land border checkpoints from Thailand (97,342), China (44,051) and Lao PDR (317), with an additional 9,492 Myanmar nationals returning via relief flights.

The Myanmar Government extended COVID-19 related restrictions until 15 August. This is the fourth extension and it retains the nationwide 00:00 AM to 4:00 AM curfew, the ban on international commercial flights into Myanmar, the temporary suspension of visas on arrival and e-visas, and the temporary suspensions on overseas employment processes (including MOU recruitment and deployment).

The Thailand Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) announced plans to permit six new groups of non-Thai nationals to enter Thailand, including MOU migrants from Myanmar, Cambodia and Lao PDR (CLM). Migrants eligible to re-enter Thailand under this new measure include: 1) 69,235 migrants from CLM, with existing work permit and visa obtained under MOUs, and who wish to return to Thailand for employment; and 2) 42,168 migrants undergoing the MOU process in countries of origin, but who have not yet entered Thailand due to travel restrictions. On 4 August, a Cabinet Resolution approved measures for the extension of stay and reemployment of MOU migrants already in Thailand. But the deployment of new MOU migrants still awaits Cabinet approval, and procedures and costs are still being discussed.

The Myanmar Embassy in Thailand is collecting the advance voting list of Myanmar nationals in Thailand, including of MOU migrants, in preparation for the upcoming elections.



Source: International Organization for Migration